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Koh Samui has a tropical climate with dry, hot and rainy season.  The geographical position making its climate warm and humid all year round. The general level of humidity is between 70 and 85 per cent, and the average temperature is around 28°C with the good weather can be enjoyed between December and August. From December to February there is dry season with rain and wind sometime. This is a peak season due to warm temperatures and calm water. The period between March and April is distinguished by 30°C+ temperatures and is the hottest time of year. Between June and August a mini-high season runs in Samui, when high day temperatures are followed by thunderstorms in the evenings. The monsoon with the heaviest rainfall comes in September and continues till November. This time is considered as a low season and best time for diving and snorkeling.

Why come to Samui?

An amazing island with a variety of 25 beautiful beaches and 80 surrounding islands

Warm all year-round weather

Convenient transport access

Easy visa rules for holidaymakers

Well-developed tourist facilities ( restaurants, bars, hotel, shopping centers, spas etc)

Reasonable living and holiday costs

A big choice of seaside hotels and accommodations

Gulf of Thailand without dangerous sharks and tsunamis

An excellent supply of goods  (from baby food and cosmetics to clothing and shoes)

Well-developed tourism services

Suitable for holidays of any type and budget  

High standards hospitals and international schools